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  • Friday, February 14, 2014
  • 5:00 PM–7:00 PM
  • Seminary Lawn

SEM POND JUMP TODAY! Registration starts at 5:00PM and the Pledge is taken at 5:30pm with the jumping following! Here are some tips:

1. You MUST wear shoes! You'll be standing outside in the snow before you jump, so shoes are a must. Also:flip flops will be lost to the pond.

2. You MUST go all the way under the water! You will be booed if you don't and no one wants that. Let's hope the water is deep enough for a quick submersion.

3. Have a jumping outfit (e.g. shorts, T-shirt, swimsuit) and a waiting outfit (e.g. robe, sweats). Have a non-jumper come with you and that person can hold your "waiting" outfit while you jump.

4. Have an exit strategy. Will you sprint back to your dorm room? Have a friend waiting with their car running and blankets and towels lining the seats? Go back into the seminary and warm up by the fire?

5. For bonus points, read over the pledge and note the Reformed aspects. Every square inch, baby.!cold-knight-club/cb92


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