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CALL Noontime Lecture March 28

Preservation and Reactivation of an Ancient Water Delivery System at the Umm El-Jimal Archeological Site in Jordan

Because ancient Umm el-Jimal was in a semi-arid region of northern Jordan, its residents relied on an elaborate runoff water collection system for their survival. To reactivate this system for reuse by the modern community, Calvin’s Umm el-Jimal Archaeological Project has partnered with the Clean Water Institute of Calvin College staff and students to add state-of-the-art hydraulic engineering to the archaeological restoration. The description of this work will include a demonstration of the two-dimensional surface water flow model developed to predict the rain-fed flow of water supplying the system.

Presented by Bert DeVries, David Wunder, and Robert Hoeksema in the DeVos Bytwerk Theatre.

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