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N.T. Wright discusses "Freedom and Framework, Spirit and Truth: Recovering Biblical Worship."

Biblically correct worship—is there such a thing? Hear the answer from world-renown theologian N.T. Wright. Wright is Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey and was formerly dean of Lichfield Cathedral. A prolific author, Wright is recognized for his work on the historical Christ, which includes the 700-page volume Jesus and the Victory of God. Wright will broach the subject of glorifying God through our worship. He will discuss the trend from structured liturgical to free-flowing worship and help determine if this is biblical. Are there biblical guidelines for worship? Is the fashion for rock-group-style worship a pure gift from God or a capitulation to the spirit of the age? Wright will lead us on spiritual journey regarding how to best glorify God and reflect His image in the world through worship.

January 2002
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