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Assessing K-12 Three-Dimensional Learning Using Life Science and Physical Science Formative Assessments and Rubrics

  • Friday, February 16, 2018
  • 1:30 PM–2:30 PM
  • Science Building 010

Phyllis Haugabook Pennock, MS, PHD Research Associate CREATE for STEM Institute Michigan State University

As teachers across the country begin to implement Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)/Michigan Science Standards (MSS) into their instruction, many will face the thorny challenge of how to meaningfully assess their students' 3D learning using an equitable approach. Constructing online high quality formative assessment tasks and rubrics will enable teachers to pin down the ways students progress toward achieving certain science performance expectations (PEs). Moreover, scoring rubrics can provide a "window" for examining different levels of science proficiency that can be used to inform future instructional decisions.

In this seminar, the audience will review a range of classroom-based 3D assessment tasks and rubrics for middle school life and physical science in an online Portal. Each task requires students to demonstrate the three dimensions of an NGSS/MSS performance. The rubrics include educative features that: (a) describe a specific, three-dimensional claim about student proficiency; (b) articulate supports to help teachers interpret key evidence of student proficiency with a PE; and (c) include example responses to illustrate different proficiency levels. If time permits, students will score student responses as a way of reflecting on their own future careers as science instructors assessing a diverse student population (Laptops recommended).

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