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  • Thursday, June 25, 2015
  • 12:00 PM–2:00 PM
  • SB 382

The biology group of faculty, research students and staff will eat pizza together on June 18 and June 25. . Each student team of researchers will be given 5 minutes to introduce themselves and tell about their summer research project.

Thursday June 25




Project Title

12:20 to 12:25

Brianna Busscher/John Wertz

Identifying how the ecological and evolutionary interactions between host and symbiont shape holobiont biodiversity

12:30 to 12:35

Alexandra Kuipers/Ryan Bebej

Evaluating changes in hind limb form and function to assess evolution of swimming mode in early


12:40 to 12:45

Peter Boersma/John Ubels, Loren Haarsma


Investigating how UV exposure activates K+ channels in corneal epithelial cells using electrophysiology

12:50 to 12:55

John Leerar/John Ubels

UVB-induced apoptosis in the corneal epithelium

1:00 to 1:05

Jeremy Brands, Jacob Swineford/Dave Warners

Plant Responses to Climate Change at Flat Iron Lake Preserve

1:10 to 1:15

Leanna DeJong/Dave Warners

Experimental Approach to Restoring Native Habitats in Urban Landscapes

1:20 to 1:25

Jonathan Gorter, Michael Messina, Caitlin Strikwerda/Randy Van Dragt

Ecosystem Preserve Stewardship

1:30 to 1:35

David Bouma, Alaina Mahn, Jenna Van Bruggen/Keith Grasman

Fish-Eating Birds as Sentinels for Pollution in Aquatic Ecosystems

June 2015
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