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Why is Lyme Disease Common in the Northern US but Rare in the South?

  • Friday, November 19, 2021
  • 1:30 PM–2:30 PM
  • Science Building 010

Join the students of BIO295 ("Biology Seminar") as we welcome speakers from a variety of locations with a great array of experiences to our campus. Join us as we learn about their unique backgrounds and work within the field of Biology.

"Why is Lyme Disease Common in the Northern US but Rare in the South?"

Guest Speaker: Jean Tsao, Michigan State University

Friday, Nov. 19th, 2021

1:30p - 2:20p

*Science Building (SB) 010 

The two main foci for Lyme disease in the United States lie in the northeastern and north central states, although the distribution of the tick is widespread throughout much of the eastern U.S.  Several ecological hypotheses have been put forth to explain this 'Lyme gradient' including variation in tick host-seeking behavior, host use preference, and vertebrate biodiversity.  Here, I'll present research carried out across multiple sites and show that multiple factors probably contribute to this latitudinal gradient in disease, although certain hypotheses are stronger than others.

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