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How to Tackle Difficult Topics in Culture with Grace

Watch Benton Crane, chief executive officer of the breakout ad agency Harmon Brothers, as he hosts a live podcast.

Crane will interview the founders of Covenant Eyes, a Michigan-based Internet accountability and filtering company, about a social media campaign that uses creative storytelling and humor to take on porn addiction. The title: “Sick and Tired of Trying to Quit Porn? You’re Not Alone. Try This.” A Q&A will follow.

The Provo, Utah-based Harmon Brothers is behind some of the most viral ads in internet history, including Squatty Potty, Poo-Pourri, and Purple. Since 2013, the agency has collectively driven more than 1 billion views and over $300 million in sales through its social media spots.

The agency’s 5-star From Poop to Gold podcast “is where entertainment meets marketing, where crazy ideas meet data-driven decisions, and where the story is first and everything else is second.”


November 2019
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