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  • Wednesday, April 20, 2016
  • 3:30 PM–5:00 PM
  • DeVos Communications Center Lobby

The third "Challenges for the Next President" discussion will focus on religious freedom.

The third event in the Challenges for the Next President series will address religious freedom in an increasingly pluralistic society. What policies and laws should address religious freedom rights in the United States? Should faith-based organizations be allowed to hire based on whether an applicant is of a certain faith? Should businesses owned by religious individuals be allowed to deny service to someone whose lifestyle is wrong in their eyes? Should such business owners be required to participate in or promote practices that violate their consciences? Should private religious schools be required to endorse the government’s definition of marriage in order to compete for grants and for students to receive federal loans? When a faith-based organization accepts government funding, does it forfeit some or all of its rights to enforce religious standards and exercise religious practices? Should religious adoption agencies be required to change their stance on marriage in order to continue placing children in homes? These questions are very difficult because the issues at stake are so important! Join Bryan McGraw (Wheaton College) and Darren Walhof (Grand Valley State University) to wrestle with these questions, and some answers, as we work to become better citizens and Christians.

The Challenges for the Next President Series includes events over the upcoming months leading to next November's election as we discuss hot topics. The programs are not intended to be debates, with a "right" and "left" focus, but instead to examine various points of view which will allow us to become more educated and thoughtful voters as we go to the polls on November 8. 

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