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Oxymoronic Views of Objectivity:  A Heideggerian Account on the Conflict of Academic Feminism

Feminism is a loaded topic in today's society, and it can be even more so in academia. Sally Haslanger presents an argument that suggests the conflict stems from the idea that academic feminism is oxymoronic because of the objective aspect of theorization, which is an essential part of academia. In this talk, I will unpack the argument and analyze it from a Heideggerian perspective, suggesting that theorization may not be as objective as it appears to be on the surface. This awareness frees academic feminism from the oxymoronic objection and opens up the possibility of a greater understanding of what counts as knowledge. 


Kaitlyn Eekhoff is a senior at Calvin College from Dexter, Michigan. She is graduating with majors in philosophy, mathematics, and sociology. During her time at Calvin, she was able to study as a McGregor Fellow in philosophy under Dr. Kevin Timpe as well as in sociology under Dr. Roman Williams. Kaitlyn plans to go to graduate school in applied mathematics in 2019. 

May 2018
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