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Elections and the Rule of Law

  • Wednesday, October 19, 2022
  • 6:00 PM–7:30 PM
  • Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall

The annual Pruis Rule of Law Lecture for the upcoming year will feature Michigan State Senator Ed McBroom. He has represented the 38th district of Michigan (in the Upper Peninsula) since 2019, after having first served 6 years in the Michigan House of Representatives. In the Senate, McBroom holds the chairmanship of the Senate Oversight Committee, and was serving in that position during the November 2020 elections. When allegations of voting irregularities arose after the election, McBroom and his Committee convened an investigation. After 8 months of interviewing witnesses, reviewing extensive documents, examining procedures throughout the election system and scrutinizing claims about corruption, the Committee concluded that the election results in Michigan were accurate and that claims of fraudulent activity were false.


Join us on October 19 at 6:00 pm in the Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall at Calvin University for a not-to-be-missed lecture featuring Senator McBroom’s reflections on the importance of upholding a strong and enforceable Rule of Law and his personal experience of its application to our overall election process and the 2020 election.

Sponsored by the Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics

October 2022
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