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"There is one question that troubled me when I was in college:  can science and faith be brought on the same boat?"--Adrianus Yosia, a student at South East Asia Bible Seminary in Indonesia

As conversations and interactions between science and faith continue to grow and deepen in the U.S., there are similar conversations going on in the Majority world involving varying faith traditions and convictions.  How are Christians and other people of faith engaging issues of science and religion?  What answers do institutions and individuals have for Adrianus and others who are asking these difficult questions?  The Theological Book Network has been listening to and observing these conversations and asking questions about how best to address them with the appropriate theological resources.  Many important insights have been learned through this exercise.  Wayne Bornholdt, Director of Acquisitions at the Theological Book Network,  will share examples of the multiple conversations on science and faith that the Network has had over many years.

October 2017
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