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The Dating Project

What does it even mean to date? How do I ask someone out? How do we set shared expectations about what this is and isn't? - If you're asking questions like these, this movie is for you! The Dating Project follows a diverse set of single people, ages 18-40, as they search for authentic relationships in an age of swiping left or right.

Half of America is single yet we don't have a shared social script for how to find someone. Along with stories of singles around the country who are embarking on a dating journey, The Dating Project features Kerry Cronin, a professor at Boston College whose dating assignment for a capstone class has garnered national media attention. Cronin explains how to ask someone out on a "level 1" date, how to date casually, when you need to stop dating or move on to "level 2," and much more!  

From executive producer, Steve McEveety (The Passion of the Christ, What Women Want). 

January 2019
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