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Follow Your Heart w/out Losing Your Mind

Do relationships drive you crazy? Or create too much drama? Or simply become confusing? Learn five key areas that reveal what a dating partner will be like in the future as a marriage partner. Healthy and safe relationships require your head and heart to work together.

Based on a best-selling book and relationship program taught to over a million participants, learn what are the major bonds that comprise your relationships and how you can safely and securely develop your relationships.

John Van Epp, PhD, President/Founder of Love Thinks, LCC is the author of How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk, published by McGraw-Hill, which blends in-depth research with humorous stories to provide a map for making healthy relationship choices. His twenty-five years of clinical experience and extensive research in premarital, marital and family relations have paved the way for his teach-out-of-the-box courses, PICK (How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk), LINKS for Couples, Our Home Runs, and Ultimate Spiritual R&R to be taught in thousands of churches, singles organizations, educational settings and social agencies in all fifty states, ten countries and by more than 3,000 military personnel. John has an M.A. in Pastoral Counseling and Psychology, a second M.A. in Church History from Ashland Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Counseling and Psychology from the University of Akron. John's work and his innovative Relationship Attachment Model (RAM), book and relationship courses have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Psychology Today, O Magazine, and Cosmopolitan.

Hosted by Calvin College Sexuality Series. Cosponsored by Residence Life, Campus Ministries, Gender Studies, and the Center for Counseling & Wellness.

September 2017
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