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Christian B. Miller is the A.C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University and Director of the Character Project. He will be delivering two lectures for the Jellema Lecture Series: "Test of Character: How Good (or Bad) Are We?," and “Test of Character: Improving Our Character.”

Christian Miller

Christian B. Miller is Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University and Director of the Character Project (, which was funded by $5.6 million in grants from the John Templeton Foundation and Templeton World Charity Foundation. He is the author of over 75 papers as well as two books with Oxford University Press, Moral Character: An Empirical Theory (2013) and Character and Moral Psychology (2014). A third book, Test of Character, is under contract with Oxford. He is also the editor or co-editor of Essays in the Philosophy of Religion (Oxford University Press), Character: New Directions from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology (Oxford University Press), Moral Psychology, Volume V: Virtue and Character (MIT Press), Integrity, Honesty, and Truth-Seeking (Oxford University Press), and The Continuum Companion to Ethics (Continuum Press).

Lecture Abstract

“Test of Character: Improving Our Character”


Suppose that most of us are indeed not good people. In this second lecture, I ask two questions: why should we care about trying to become better people? And what are some of the strategies we might use to help us become better? In particular, we will explore some ideas about character development from both secular as well as Christian perspectives.

March 2017
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