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Houston Smit: Kant's Notions of Cognition, Understanding, and Truth

About the Speaker

Professor Houston Smit is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Arizona. A 1986 graduate of Calvin College, Prof. Smit received his PhD at UCLA. He has held a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University, a fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service, a visiting fellowship at the Australian National University, and a fellowship at the Center for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science. He has published widely on Kant, including such articles as “Kant on Marks and the Immediacy of Intuition” in Philosophical Review, “Reason, Insight, and Apriority in Kant,” in the Journal of the History of Philosophy; “Love of Honor, Emulation, and the Psychology of Devilish Vices” in Kant’s Lectures on Ethics: a Critical Guide (Cambridge); and “Kant’s Grounding Project in the Doctrine of Virtue,” in Kant on Practical Justification (Oxford).

October 2018
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