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Kirtland’s Warbler: Managing a Conservation-Reliant Species
Natalie Knapp
The Kirtland’s warbler is a small, endangered songbird, a conservation-reliant species and an extreme jack pine habitat specialist. Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies has conducted a three-year research program exploring how management for Kirtland’s Warbler breeding success can be improved by considering whether Kirtland’s can effectively reproduce in red pine rather than jack pine stands. Natalie Knapp, a research associate on the Kirtland’s warbler project for the summer of 2018 will be presenting Au Sable’s findings on this matter and explaining the implications of their discoveries on the future management of this bird.

The Effects of Anti-Sumoylation Drugs in Inhibiting Osteosarcoma Cell Expansion
Leah Thompson
The Yang Lab at Van Andel Research Institute, along with other researchers, have determined that the sumoylation pathway is over active in mice with osteosarcoma. We wanted to test whether inhibiting sumoylation would show a similar effect on human osteosarcoma in vitro. We studied the effects of anti-sumoylation drugs in combination with chemotherapy drugs, rapamycin, and SAR405, an autophagy inhibitor, in treating osteosarcoma through cell cultures and quantifying the data with a cell proliferation assay.

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