Ryan Rooks

Ryan Rooks

Campus Recreation Coordinator, Teaching Staff
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Outdoor recreation instructors and climbing staff

  • Sam Andreesaa6@students.calvin.edu
  • Kellan Daykjd47@students.calvin.edu
  • Kai Koopmankdk7@students.calvin.edu
  • Dave Kuenzidak7@students.calvin.edu
  • Nate Mytonnmm5@students.calvin.edu
  • JT Leejl47@students.calvin.edu

Equipment rental

  • Ryan Zwartrtz2@students.calvin.edu

Bike maintenance and rental

  • Nick Aftonnja3@students.calvin.edu

Gear rental by reservation

  • Micah Ellismje6@students.calvin.edu
EMPLOYMENT AND CONTACT INFORMATION: Interested in paid or volunteer work in Outdoor Recreation at Calvin: Contact Ryan Rooks at rmw3@calvin.edu. All staff are interviewed, hired, and trained during February of each academic year.