Prof Doug Howard Receives NEH Summer Research Grant

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Says Prof Howard, "The research project is for a chapter of a book that I am writing called Amid the Ruins: A History of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1924.

The main theme of the book is what I would call the paradox of Ottoman history—an early modern empire of immense power and prosperity, yet with a pervasive cultural melancholia. The book uses insights gained from emotions history, environmental history, migrations history, and related recent research to get at the role of an Ottoman worldview in a history of the Ottoman Empire. My plan is that the book will have seven chapters. The project is a little more than half done. The NEH summer stipend will support the research and writing of chapter five." Read more.

The NEH summer stipends program supports individual research of value to scholars in the humanities, general audiences, or both. The support is for two consecutive months of full-time research.


Douglas Howard

Douglas Howard

Professor Emeritus of History
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