Our mission

The mission of the speech pathology and audiology program at Calvin University is to prepare students for the vocations of speech-language pathology or audiology within a liberal arts foundation. We specifically seek to provide an academically rigorous program with a Reformed Christian perspective that educates our students to have the essential academic knowledge, clinical skills, and reflective practices that enable them to enter the professions, to become lifelong learners to improve their service to others, to be intentional advocates for individuals who have communicative disorders, to know, appreciate and respect cultural and linguistic traditions in a diverse world, and to become successful leaders specifically within the professions of speech-language pathology or audiology and more generally in society.

Faith-based learning

As it was with Christ, healing is an important part of Christian service to the world, and the ministry of the word—of hearing and speech—has a central role to play. By helping to restore communication to people with disabilities, injuries or other struggles, not only can we show them the restoring love of God, but we also highlight the importance of words—the vehicle of God's love to the world.

Important information