Harm Venhuizen

  • Major: Political Science and Philosophy
  • Minor: Journalism
  • Grad Year: 2022
  • Hometown: Burnett, WI

"Some of the most influential moments of my time at Calvin have been conversations after class with my professors."

What was the best part of being in the Political Science department?

Definitely the fact that people won’t judge you for showing up to class in a blazer or a tie like they do in other departments.

What was your interaction with professors like in this department?

The professors are hands-down one of the best parts of the Political Science department. They know their stuff, but they make it easy to have fun and joke around while learning. Some of the most influential moments of my time at Calvin have been conversations after class with my professors.

What’s one thing you would want to tell someone starting their journey at Calvin?

Don’t be afraid to take the hard classes. You might struggle and your grades might suffer a little, but you’re at college to learn, and hard classes are where you do that.

 How has your faith grown at Calvin?

My faith has grown so much in my time at Calvin. The professors, campus pastors, and even other students genuinely care about your formation as a person and as a Christian. I’ve been able to grow closer to God by living in Project Neighborhood, talking through my faith with friends and co-workers, and seeing the many ways I can connect what I believe to the careers I want to pursue.

What’s one thing that surprised you about Calvin?

I was surprised by the sheer number of opportunities available at Calvin. I came from a smaller high school and was blown away by the number of student organizations, programs, and activities I could participate in here.

 What is your favorite space on campus, and why?

The Chimes Office, or Choffice, because the people who gather there every week are some of the most dedicated and talented on campus.

Describe Calvin in three words or less.

Transformative and inspiring

Did you receive any scholarships or financial aid at Calvin?

I received a donor scholarship and academic scholarships through Calvin. I also received a 3-year ROTC scholarship from the Army.