Take a jet to class

Why walk to class when you could take a jet? Connect with people from other cultures through Calvin's off-campus programs and other global opportunities.

Calvin will encourage you to stretch yourself, to connect with people who think in different ways and even live in different cultures. Whether you're paddling through the mangroves off the coast of Thailand, serving at a medical mission in Mexico or delving into the politics of West Africa, you'll learn to step outside your comfort zone and consider how you can build bridges to other people and cultures.

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Off-Campus Programs
Find semester programs, interim trips and parent resources.

Calvin around the world
Explore a Google map with Calvin study abroad locations and other projects around the world.

Quick Facts
  • 40+

    faculty-led study abroad options

  • #2

    Calvin's ranking in the nation for students who study abroad during college (among baccalaureate institutions).

  • 7

    Modern languages taught at Calvin

Study abroad semester programs

Calvin offers 12 regular, faculty-led semester abroad options. Learn more about each program.


Offered every fall semester. Topic of study changes each year. Learn more.


Offered every fall semester. Open to students from every major. Learn more.


Offered every 2-3 years. French language students only. Learn more.


Offered every spring semester. Open to students in any major. Topic of study changes each year. Experiential (internship) opportunity included. Learn more.

Honduras: Justice Studies

Offered every fall semester. Open to students from any major. Spanish language skills are helpful, but not required. Learn more.

Honduras: Spanish Studies

Offered every January interim and spring semester. Intensive Spanish language study. Learn more.


Offered every fall semester. Open to students from every major. Learn more.


Offered every fall semester. Intensive language and cultural studies. Learn more.


Basic and advanced language study available. Learn more.

Washington, D.C.

Internship-based course offered regularly. Learn more.

Study abroad interim trips

Interim trips: Spend three weeks in one of more than 30 locations around the world each January. In 2013, off-campus interim courses included "Business and Engineering in China," "Sustainability in New Zealand," "Improving Rural Health in India" and "History of Science, Medicine and Religion in London."

Global academic programs

Cross-cultural learning is woven throughout all of Calvin's 100+ academic programs. Several programs provide direct pathways to other cultures.

Research and internships abroad

Many Calvin students make global connections through research and internships. While these opportunities may be available in any major, business, engineering and international development students regularly go abroad for internships.


Talk to your advisor or other professors in your program about internship and research opportunities abroad.