If you are traveling out of the Grand Rapids areas for Thanksgiving break, or if you are a local student planning to spend time home with friends and family, we ask that you not return to campus after Thanksgiving, but rather finish your semester remotely (as all classes will be exclusively on-line after Thanksgiving). This will allow our community to remain as safe as possible, avoiding the potential introduction of the coronavirus from other areas. For those staying on-campus, all COVID policies (CampusClear App, mask and distancing protocols, etc.) will remain in place and you are asked to not travel out of the area while you remain in on-campus housing.

Thanksgiving Break Travel and Housing Policies:

  • If you cannot go home and need to stay on-campus during Thanksgiving break and through the end of the Fall semester, please fill out the Thanksgiving-December Housing Request Form by Friday, November 20. You will be asked to explain your rationale for requesting on-campus housing. If your request is approved, you will be permitted to remain in your current room or apartment without needing to move, and meal plans will still be available through dinner on December 16. Halls will close at 10am on Thursday, December 17. Please note, there will be no additional fees for housing for students who are granted permission to stay on campus up until the first day of Christmas break, December 17.
  • If you plan to leave campus for part of Thanksgiving break but need to return to campus housing to finish the semester on-campus, you can request an exception using the Thanksgiving-December Housing Request Form. You may be asked to self-quarantine for 72 hours or longer after your return, depending on your travels. Exceptions will be granted and communicated individually from the Housing Office.
  • You should plan to leave your residence hall by Wednesday November 25th at 5pm for the final two weeks of online learning, but you can request additional time by using the Thanksgiving-December Housing Request Form.

Departing campus housing:

Before your departure (either prior to Thanksgiving or at the end of the semester), you should complete a brief self-check-out process. Instructions for your self-check-out will be provided separately, but will involve removing all trash from your room, opening your curtains, unplugging all electrical items (including refrigerators), turning off lights, and locking your door. Please be sure to pack all the items you may need for the weeks you will be gone between semesters. All rooms will be inspected for compliance and other safety-related items during the month of December, so please follow the guidelines.

Christmas Break Housing

  • As in years past, Christmas break housing is available to any student who is unable to travel home, and who will not be travelling out of the area, from December 17 to January 5. For COVID safety, this year we will NOT be moving residence hall students who need Christmas break housing to the KE apartments—students in the residence halls will be allowed to stay in their rooms over the break.
  • Christmas break housing for residence hall students will be $250. If you only need to stay for a few days after the semester ends, the rate will be $15/night. Please note, you cannot return to campus early or leave halfway through and come back early. The earliest arrival time after Christmas break is Tuesday, January 5th at 10am if you are taking an in-person Interim class or Sunday, January 31st at 10am if you are NOT taking an in-person Interim class.
  • Although standard meal plans will not be active over the break, there may be a Christmas break meal plan option available for an additional cost based on the number of students interested. Please use the form to indicate your interest in a potential Christmas meal plan.
  • Sign up for Christmas break housing and meal plans by November 20th: Thanksgiving-December Housing Request Form

Returning to campus housing for Interim or Spring semesters:

  • If you are taking an in-person Interim class, you can return to campus Tuesday, January 5, after 10am. If you are NOT taking an in-person Interim class, we ask that you continue to stay home until the Spring semester begins, meaning you can return to campus on Sunday, January 31, after 10 a.m. for the remainder of the school year. Request to return on a different date through the Interim / Spring 2021 Early Arrival form.
  • Please be aware of the date you are eligible to return as you make your travel plans. COVID screening will again be required (more information will be provided in the months to come) and a negative COVID screening test will be required to start classes.

Questions? Please contact Housing.

Knollcrest East Apartments are a convenient and safe option for living close to campus over Spring Break. Stay with a friend or have the KE offices place you in an available apartment.

There is no charge for current KE residents to stay during break. However, registration is still required. You will remain in your current apartment over break. Students interested in housing dorm students should contact Allison Hunt.

Spring Break housing as available March 21–28, 2020. Applications are due March 10 to allow time to process roommate requests. Applicants who apply after March 10 will be required to pay a $50 non-refundable registration fee. Sign up early to avoid late fees and to assure placement.

All Calvin University policies apply during Spring Break.

  • Do you qualify?

    Space is limited for spring break housing. Priority will be given in the following order for those who request a place to stay:

    1. KE students who wish to stay in their apartment over spring break.
    2. international students
    3. students employed on campus who have nowhere else to stay
    4. students living outside the Midwest who have nowhere else to stay
  • Cost and fees

    Applications are due March 10, 2020.

    • All dorm students will be required to pay a $25 non-refundable registration fee, regardless if you are staying with a friend in KE or staying with a host arranged by the office.
    • In addition, there is a charge of $15 per night for those who need the housing office to arrange a spot for them to stay during break.
    • You can avoid a nightly housing charge if you arrange to live with a friend who is a current KE resident. You must still apply and register for housing.
    • Note: There will be a $100 fine plus the nightly charge of $15 to anyone who staying in KE without applying and receiving a placement. All Christmas break housing fees will be charged to your miscellaneous account.

    Charges will be processed after Spring Break. All students may pay online or with cash or check at Financial Services.

  • What to pack

    You will need clothes, personal hygiene items and sheets for the bed. The KE students that are opening up their apartment to you will have put away their sheets. You will NOT be able to get into your dorm room after 10 a.m. on Saturday. You will not be able to use any of the kitchenware, food, toiletries, etc. that are already in the apartment. Plan to bring any items that you will need for cooking. However, there will be some additional cooking items at the KE Desk available for check out.

    Please try to limit what you bring to 2 suitcases. It is not necessary to bring over all your belongings. The dorms are locked and your items will be safe there. You do not need to bring cleaning supplies as they are available in the apartments. There will be a van available for transportation, but it fills quickly so it is limited to luggage and people.

  • Dining Halls

    The dining halls will be closed during spring break. The last meal available is dinner on Friday, March 20 at Knollcrest Dining Hall. The dining hall will re-open on Sunday, March 29 for dinner at Commons Dining Hall.

  • Apply for Spring Break Housing

    Questions or cancellations? Please contact Allison Hunt.

Knollcrest East Apartments are a convenient and safe option for summer living close to campus. We have full amenities, a competitive rent rate, and an RA staff who plan community events throughout summer months. Summer Housing is available from May 17–August 23, 2021.* Choose KE for your break housing needs!

Dorm students will move to RVD during transitional housing (May 15–16). KE students will remain in their own apartment for transitional housing and will move into their summer placement on May 16.

Summer residents who will be living in the dorms for Fall 2021 will be given permission to move to the dorms two weeks before class begins.

*Students who will live Off-Campus for Fall 2021 and 2021 Graduates (not returning for an extra semester) may only stay until Saturday, August 15.

  • Do you qualify?

    Accommodations will be provided following this priority order:

    1. Calvin summer school students
    2. Students with on-campus jobs
    3. International students
    4. Students with off-campus jobs
    5. Students who will live on-campus for fall 2021
    6. Students who will live off-campus for fall 2021 —these students may only stay until Saturday, August 15.
    7. Graduates of 2021 (and not returning for an extra semester)—these students may only stay until Saturday, August 15.
  • Roommates and placements

    In order to promote quality community and allow for summer maintenance work, KE apartments will be limited to certain buildings during the summer. Apartment groups will be made of 2-4 students. Single rooms can only be guaranteed for those with a special accommodation from the Student Success Office.

    • Students may request specific roommates on the KE Summer Application. (Roommate requests cannot be guaranteed after the application deadline of May 10th.)
    • The University reserves the right to fill each apartment to capacity (4 students) and additional students may be assigned at any time during the summer.
    • All rental rates are per student regardless of how many people occupy an apartment at a given time.
    • If Fall 2021 residents are staying for the entire summer, they will be placed in their fall apartment with 1-3 roommates. If a Fall 2021 resident is only staying for a portion of the summer, he or she may be placed in one of the available buildings and may not be placed in their fall placement.
    • Calvin University may revoke your apartment assignment due to inappropriate use of the apartments, inappropriate behavior while on college grounds, or failure to make payments. The KE Living Booklet outlines all of the policies for Knollcrest East.
  • Cost and fees

    Applications are due May 10, 2021

    Staying the entire summer
    • Applications submitted on or before May 10th: $1200 for the entire summer
    • Applications submitted after May 10th: $1200 for the entire summer + $50 late processing fee
    • $600 (1/2 of rent) is due before move-in (May 25). The remaining $600 is due July 1.
    Staying for a portion of the Summer
    • Applications submitted on or before May 10th: $15 per night
    • Applications submitted after May 10th: $15 per night + $50 late processing fee

    All students may pay online (see below) or with cash or check at Financial Services. If you pay in person, return your paper receipt from Financial Services to the Knollcrest East Apartments or Student Life Office so that you can be placed in summer housing. Placements will not be made until payments are made.

    This is a one time payment tool. In order to make an e-check payment, you will need your bank account number, bank routing number, and student ID number. There is a 2.75% fee for making payment via credit or debit card.

  • Questions? Please contact Housing.