Students can print color mini-posters (11" x 17") for no extra cost.

Student printing on MFD's and laser printers through PaperCut is paid out of your Print Budget allocation, so you aren't charged extra for it. However, you DO pay directly for items printed at Printing Services. See our Services and Submit an Order pages if you would like to order posters through Printing Services.

Brief instructions for printing a mini-poster:

  1. Use any software to design it, but set page size to 11" x 17".
  2. After it is designed, Save As a .pdf file.
  3. Using a lab computer:
    1. open your file
    2. select File/Print
    3. select "PaperCut-MFD" for the printer
  4. Release it to print at an MFD which has 11x17 paper (a color MFD if you want a color poster). Here is a list of publicly available MFDs and printers: Printer Locations.