There are a few ways to submit a printing request:

  • Put your instructions into the email order form and attach your files, preferably in pdf format.*
    • *The exception to this is standard picture prints (8x10s, 5x7s, 4x6s, etc). Please send those in JPG format.
  • Send your paper originals to us with a Print Job Request Form attached.
  • Drop off your paper originals or your flash drive in person during our open hours.

*Does your print job involve content that bleeds off the edge? Please check out the bleed section of our Best Practices page.

Order form didn't appear?

Copy the text below and paste it into an email to Answer the prompts.

  1. My name, Dept/Org, Phone:
  2. Name/Description of this printing job:
  3. Payment method:
    • For department charges, provide detailed Workday Worktag information. 
    • Personal work should be paid at pickup.
    • Please specify if the job is for a nonprofit.
    • We accept check and credit/debit.
  4. How many copies?
  5. Double-sided or single-sided? (Double-sided default):
  6. Black and White, Color, or Mixed?
  7. Page color, size, weight/thickness?
  8. What finishing options do you want?
    • 3-hole punched
    • comb binding
    • coil binding
    • Perfect Bound/glued
    • folded
    • stapled
    • cut
    • etc.
  9. When do you need it? (Be real.)
  10. How do you want to receive it? (Intercampus mail or location pickup)
  11. What else should we know?
  12. Attach your file/files as a PDF (or a JPG for standard pictures) to this email and send it in.