There are a few ways to submit a printing request:

Order form didn't appear?

Copy the text below and paste it into an email to Answer the prompts.

  • My name, Dept/Org, Phone:
  • Name/Description of this printing job:
  • Payment method:
    • Department/Org printing is charged to its Printing Services account (-50315) unless you specify otherwise. Tell us your Account Number.
    • Personal work should be paid at pickup.
    • Please specify if the job is for a non-profit.
    • We accept cash, check, credit/debit, and student Miscellaneous Acct.
  • How many copies?
  • Double-sided or single-sided? (Double-sided default):
  • Black and White, Color, or Mixed?
  • Page color, size, weight/thickness?
  • What finishing options do you want?
    • 3-hole punched
    • comb binding
    • coil binding
    • Perfect Bound/glued
    • folded
    • stapled
    • cut
    • etc.
  • When do you need it? (Be real.)
  • How do you want to receive it? (Intercampus mail or location pickup)
  • What else should we know?
  • Attach your file/files as a .pdf to this email and send it in