As a user of Calvin University technology resources it is your responsibility to be aware of both Calvin’s policies on using Calvin’s information technologies as well as federal, state, and local laws that affect your use of technology. As a Christian university, what might be allowed under the law may not be allowed at Calvin. These policies provide information on what is expected of you, what your rights are, and how to report violations.

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Use of information technology resources at Calvin University is a privilege, not a right. Violation of any parts of CIT policies will subject the violator to disciplinary action, which may include any of the following: warnings, loss of access, probation, suspension, or legal prosecution.

  • Students
    • A breach of any parts of this policy mary warrant referral to the Senior Judicial Advisor or Judicial Advisor as defined in Appendix G of the Student Handbook: General Disciplinary Process.
  • Staff
    • A breach of any parts of this policy may warrant referral to their immediate supervisor as addressed in the Staff Handbook section on Rules of Conduct and Working Relationships.
  • Faculty
    • A breach of any parts of this policy may warrant referral to the Provost's Office as addressed in section 6.1 of the Faculty Handbook: Procedures for Addressing Allegations of Misconduct
  • Alumni and guests of the university
    • A break of any parts of this policy may warrant termination of access to Calvin information technology resources or banishment from the university grounds.

As a user of Calvin information technologies it is your responsibility to report any known or suspected violations of any CIT policy to the VP of People, Strategy & Technology, any IT Director, or an IT Information Security Officer.

University-owned and provisioned device
Any user of Calvin information technologies
Anyone who has been given the right to use Calvin information technology resources
Official sanctioned advice from Calvin Information Technology
Pertaining to those working within the Information Services Division, including student and contract employees
Calvin Information Technology Department
Statements of behaviors that are expected of all enfranchised users (faculty, staff, students, alumni, guests, etc) of Calvin University information technology resources and the consequences for failing to comply with the stated expectations.

CIT policies are intended to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to promote operational efficiencies, to enhance the university's mission or to reduce institutional risk.
Policy review
University-wide IT policies will be reviewed annually, or sooner if circumstances warrant, by the Policy Team.
Procedure or Process
Established or preferred method of accomplishing tasks; an internal procedure (or operation procedure) is the correct method of accomplish tasks.
Level or quality that is required