Work From Anywhere: Technology

Basic information

When deciding whether a work from anywhere situation is right for you, please consider the following guidelines for technology you will receive from CIT.

Calvin University will supply one computing device for each eligible employee. The university will not provide both a desktop and a laptop.

CIT is adhering to the university's Work From Anywhere policy stipulating that WFA must be “zero cost to the university.” Therefore, out-of-lifecycle changes from desktop to laptop are not able to happen. If you currently have a desktop computer that is not older than 5 years, you will need to wait until the desktop is up for replacement before switching to a laptop, regardless of which university budget may pay for the change.

Occasional remote workers are defined as employees who regularly work from home less than 100% of their FTE, and have formal approval from Human Resources and their Vice President.  

Occasional remote workers may receive:

  • Laptop and power adapter (Desktops are not allowed off-campus)
  • Wireless headset/Softphone (departmental cost)
  • Laptop Dock (departmental cost)
    • One per employee (can either stay at home or in your Calvin office)
  • Additional adapters or power adapters that don’t come standard (departmental cost) 
  • Keyboard and mouse
    • One each per employee (can either stay at home or in your Calvin office)
  • Secondary monitor for your on-campus office ONLY (as supplies of used equipment last)


Regular remote workers are defined as employees who work from home for 100% of their FTE, have formal approval from Human Resources and their Vice President, and do not have an assigned office on campus.

Regular remote workers may receive:

  • Same as Occasional remote workers, EXCEPT -
    • You are able to bring a secondary monitor to your home office (as supplies of used equipment last)


Regular/Occasional remote workers do NOT receive:

  • Desk phone for use off-campus (desk phones are for on-campus office use only)

  • External webcam for laptops
    • Laptops already come with a webcam. External webcams are for on-campus desktop use only.

  • Internet connectivity or any other technology/network equipment (routers, in-home wiring, wireless, etc.)
  • Printers or printing supplies (paper, toner, etc.)
  • Other office furnishings (chairs, shredders, supplies, etc.)
  • On-site technical support in your home. CIT will only support Calvin-owned technology which will need to be brought on-campus for troubleshooting.



  • CIT does not automatically backup data on your hard drive. Please use OneDrive to store your files.
  • Your assigned computer is for exclusive use of the Calvin employee ONLY. Non-Calvin employees are not to use Calvin-owned equipment.
  • Remote workers will need to stop on campus to pickup and setup their technology for the first time.
  • At the end of your employment with Calvin you are required to return the technology allocated to you by dropping it off at CIT or shipping it back to campus.



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