Asset Care

Basic information

The use and care of your University-owned devices is important to your productivity and success in the valuable work you perform for Calvin University. The following offers guidance on safeguarding your device. It also includes the CIT policy regarding loss or damage.

Mobile Device Responsibilities

You and your department are responsible for the physical security of your mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc).

  • Do not leave the device unattended in public areas so as to deter possible theft and/or damage.
  • If left in an unattended office, try keeping the device in a lockable cabinet/drawer or lock the office.

You and your department are responsible for physical damage to the device.

  • Use a carrying case, such as a laptop backpack or shoulder bag when transporting.
  • Be careful of liquids near your device.
  • Do not stretch power/charging cables across traffic areas.

What you and your department are responsible for:

  • Damage caused by liquid or excessive physical damage
  • Repairs not covered under warranty (laptop left exposed to elements, left in excessive cold/head, etc.)
  • Cases of theft or damage in which there is a reasonable suspicion of negligence
  • Cost to replace lost power adapter

What you and your department are not responsible for:

  • Acts of God (natural disaster, etc.)
  • Cases of theft or damage in which reasonable precautions were taken
  • Repairs covered under warranty

Grace Allowance

CIT will cover one repair/replacement due to loss or damage (a "grace"). An additional grace will be allowed three years from the date of previous grace. Any repairs not covered under the grace policy and not covered by CIT will be the responsibility of the user's department in a case where the user's department will not cover the cost of repair or replacement the user may be asked to reimburse the University for some or all of the cost.

In the event damage/loss occurs or is discovered and the machine is eligible for standard lifecycle replacement, the user and his/her department remain responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

CIT reserves the right to replace a mobile device (laptop or tablet) with a desktop device if multiple negligent offenses occur.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact CIT.



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