Student records including course registrations, grades, financial aid packages, tuition statements, and payment information are all found in Workday. Students may designate access to parents, guardians, or other third-parties.

For parents, guardians or other third-parties to see any student academic or financial records, students must first grant access for them in Workday.

Please see the "Information for...Parents" section at the bottom of for a video overview of the proxy process as well as downloadable step-by-step instructions which both students and designated third-party users can follow.

Parent / third-party login

After students grant access and after third-party users (such as parents) have received their login credentials via email, then third-party users can use the link above to login to the Workday proxy site.

NOTE: The parent/third-party proxy login page is separate from the student/employee login page, and parents/third-parties cannot log in on the student/employee site. Always use the link above to ensure you are logging in to the correct site.