Student records including course registrations, grades, financial aid packages, tuition statements, and payment information are all found in Workday. Students may designate access to parents and guardians or other third-parties and must grant that access through Workday.

Before parents, guardians or other third-parties can see any student academic or financial records, students must first initiate access for them in Workday. After the student designates a third-party user, that person will receive two emails with login credentials (for security purposes, the first with a username and the second with a password) and a link to their own Workday proxy account.

Please see step-by-step instructions to complete the proxy process found at under the "Information for..." section for Parents. Here you’ll find a helpful short video overview of the proxy process as well as downloadable step-by-step instructions both students and designated third-party users can follow. Please review these resources carefully prior to designating proxy access.

Once students grant access and parents, guardians or other third-party users have received their login credentials via email, third-party users can use this link to login* to the Workday proxy site:

NOTE: A proxy login only works after your student designates you as a third-party user and you’ve register for and receive access.