Welcome! We're glad you and your student are exploring the Calvin community.

Would you like to ask questions of current Calvin parents? The members of our Calvin Parent Council are open to answering your questions. You can review their areas of Calvin knowledge on each parent profile and then contact the parent to ask their perspective.

We also invite you to follow our Calvin University Parents & Families Facebook page to see announcements for parents; message the Calvin parents and families team via that page with any questions you have.

Once your student has paid their enrollment deposit, we invite you to join our Calvin University Parents Facebook group. Please indicate your future student's name in your request to join so we can quickly identify you and add you to the current parent network.

The Center for Counseling and Wellness provides some resources for parents of soon-to-be college students. In particular, see the FAQ "What are some important topics to talk to my student about?" for conversations you may wish to have with your student as your family prepares for their transition to college.

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