The Calvin Visiting Scholar program enables academic departments, centers, and institutes to sponsor visiting faculty and professionals from other institutions for the purposes of academic study, consultation, and collaboration. The program offers several kinds of pre-arranged agreements that may be chosen based on the visitor’s length of stay, nationality, institutional affiliation, financial situation, and need for logistical assistance. In order to initiate a Visiting Scholar agreement, a prospective visitor and the Calvin contact should submit an application to the dean for faculty development, whose approval is required.

If you are interested in becoming a Calvin Visiting Scholar, please contact a Calvin faculty member within your prospective sponsoring office or department and tell him or her about your plans. Your Calvin contact will consult with the dean for research and scholarship before they proceed with a full application. If approved, you will receive a formal invitation letter from the dean.

For non-U.S. citizens, applications must be submitted at least six months before the visit begins. U.S. citizen applications must be submitted at least three months before their proposed arrival date.

Please note that Calvin’s ability to accommodate Visiting Scholars is limited, and for this reason it is possible that even some worthy applications will not be accepted.

Visiting Scholars fall under the category "fellow" as described in section 3.2.6 of the handbook for teaching faculty.

Current Visiting Scholars

Application Process

The Calvin contact person should review the following responsibilities before proceeding with the online application:

  1. Responsibilities related to hosting a visiting scholar - Agree to all responsibilities for hosting a visiting scholar.
  2. Responsibilities related to the application process - The Calvin contact and applicant will need to gather all information and documents required for the online application.

All application data must be submitted at once with the supplemental materials gathered above.