Each year the Calvin community is enriched by the presence of several visiting scholars. This year we are pleased to welcome:

Chris Brewer

After completing an M.A. (Historical Theology) and M.Div. at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Chris completed a Ph.D. at the University of St. Andrews on natural theology and contemporary art. While a visiting scholar with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, he plans to complete several book projects, including Understanding Natural Theology (Zondervan Academic), and several edited volumes (Routledge, Peeters, SCM Press).

Hosted by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, April 2016 to May 2018, cbrewerfam@gmail.com

Garrett Crow
Crow, Garrett

Dr. Crow recently retired after teaching taxonomy for 33 years at the University of New Hampshire and serving as Director of the UNH Herbarium and chair of the Department of Plant Biology. He has served on the faculty at Au Sable Institute as well as helping in the Calvin College Herbarium. Additionally he is continuing botanical research at the Michigan State University Herbarium-recently having completed the taxonomic treatment of Utricularia (bladderworts) and Pinguicula (butterworts) for Flora of North America North of Mexico. While having a broad interest in floristics (including botanical expeditions to Tierra del Fuego, Siberia, Crimea and Caucasus, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Amazonia, and Mexico), much of his research has focused on aquatic plants of temperate and Neotropics regions. He is co-author of Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Northeastern North America, 2 volumes (G.E. Crow and C. B. Hellquist, Univ. Wisconsin Press). In 1999-2000 he spent a year-long sabbatical in Costa Rica under a Fulbright Fellowship where he wrote a bilingual field guide, Plantas acuáticus de Parque Nacional Palo Verde, Costa Rica (Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad, Costa Rica), which is widely used by students studying at the Organization for Tropical Studies field station at Palo Verde.

Hosted by the Biology Department, September 2013 to June 2023, Crow CV | gc25@calvin.edu

Steven DeRose

Dr. DeRose is a Computational Linguist specializing in text databases, electronic documents, and analysis of "big text" collections. He began working with document systems as a student of graphics and hypertext pioneer Andries van Dam, on the FRESS system. FRESS is considered the first hypertext system used in teaching, the first application to support "undo", and one of the first systems used for academic word-processing. After completing his dissertation on Hidden Markov Models for part-of-speech identification in English and Greek, and a stint with Wycliffe Bible Translators, DeRose co-founded Electronic Book Technologies in 1989 to create "DynaText," software to deliver, render, and search large-scale document sets using SGML. DynaText was used by Novell, SGI, DEC, Sun Microsystems, and many others to deliver large, complex documents via CD-ROM, LANs, and later the Web. EBT grew to 150 employees and was sold in 1996. DeRose was one of 11 core creators of XML, and has worked on many other standards underlying the modern Web, open electronic book systems, and scholarly practice in the digital humanities. DeRose has also been contributed to the scholarly side of these fields, publishing two books and dozens of articles, teaching a variety of seminars as adjunct faculty in the Brown University CS Department, and as a member of several journal and conference boards. 

Hosted by the Computer Science Department, April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2020
DeRose CV | sjd48@calvin.edu

Mwenda Ntarangwi

Mwenda’s training in language education and cultural anthropology has led him into the world of popular music and its various intersections with lived experiences especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. He has enjoyed analyzing musical text as social windows into the lives, aspirations, and expressions of different communities. As a visiting scholar with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Mwenda will explore how this experience and research on popular music in East Africa intersects with worship and other practices within the church. His interactions with scholars and practitioners from different disciplines and backgrounds will enrich his work and help clarify a new research project he plans to undertake that will seek to identify and compare some Christian hip hop artists in East Africa with some counterparts in the U.S.

Hosted by theCalvin Institute of Christian Worship, June 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 Ntarangwi CV | mgn2@calvin.edu

Rev. Lisa Weaver

Rev. Lisa M. Weaver is completing her dissertation at The Catholic University of America, Washington DC, in the areas of liturgical studies and sacramental theology. She plans to pursue several goals while a visiting scholar at Calvin:

  • to continue research on Christian initiation rites, baptism, and pneumatology in an environment where the fruit of her dissertation findings can find contemporary relevance and application,
  • to engage an interdisciplinary group of scholars as both resources and conversation partners in the many aspects of and considerations in liturgy and liturgical planning, and
  • to more deeply engage the people and resources of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in order to learn from and serve the broadest possible ecumenical audience.

As one who finds the fullest articulation of my vocation in the convergence of faith, research, and praxis and as one who fully believes in the transformative nature of liturgy, Calvin College and the Worship Institute together provide a robust environment where my vocation and my beliefs can find both deeper anchoring and greater expression. 

Hosted by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, June 2015 to June 2018
Weaver CV | weaverlm@msn.com