Responsible Conduct of Research: 2024

Before starting research, students must complete online training on the Responsible Conduct of Research. No research-related student wages will be paid for work prior to the completion of this training. This policy ensures that Calvin University is in compliance with federally mandated regulations. (If you have taken the training in the past, you do not have to take it again.)

You can expect the training modules to require about 4 hours of your time, which you may include as paid hours.

There will be quizzes, and you must score an average of 80% to finish successfully. Quizzes can be taken over again if you wish. You can begin this at any time, but you must finish by the end of the day on Monday, May 6. At the end, you may choose to print a certificate for your own records, but Mrs. VanderMeer will be able to verify all completed courses in the CITI website.

Instructions for completing the training.

1. Go to

2. Click on Register.

3. Type Calvin in the search bar and select Calvin University as your organization affiliation.

4. Agree to the Terms of Service

5. Affirm that you are an affiliate of Calvin.

6. Create your Username and Password.

7. View Courses

8. Choose your course: STEM Research (RCR) - Physical Science

9. Choose the learner group you are in.: STEM Researcher - Physical Sciences

10. Begin your course. There are 9 modules that everyone must complete

Introduction to RCR


Collaborative Research

Conflicts of Interest

Data Management


Peer Review

Research Misconduct


The following should be completed if they apply to your project:

  • Using Animal Subjects in Research
  • Research Involving Human Subjects
  • Presentation of Research Findings

    If you have any questions, contact Mary VanderMeer at Most researchers will begin on May 6 or June 3, depending on your professor’s arrangements.