The Cabinet

Michael K. Le Roy
Michael K. Le Roy
University President
Kevin Den Dulk
Kevin den Dulk
Associate Provost
James English
James English
Vice President for Finance
Ken Erffmeyer
Ken Erffmeyer
Vice President for Advancement
Todd Hubers, Vice President of People, Strategy, and Technology
Todd Hubers
Vice President of People, Strategy, and Technology
Mary Hulst, Chaplain
Mary Hulst

Cheryl Brandsen
Cheryl Brandsen
Lauren Jensen
Lauren Jensen
Vice President for Enrollment Strategy
Michelle Loyd-Paige
Michelle Loyd-Paige
Executive Associate to the President for Diversity
Brian Paige
Brian Paige
Associate VP Information Technology and CIO
Sarah Visser, PhD
Sarah Visser
Vice President for
Student Life

Calvin University

Board of Trustees

Past Presidents

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The staff

Sharolyn Christians
Executive Assistant to the President
Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Cindy Wolffis
Executive Assistant and Planning Coordinator
People, Strategy, and Technology


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Calvin is a Christian liberal arts institution moving in expansive new directions while maintaining its historic roots. Calvin’s plan, Vision 2030, is full of innovation and possibilities.