Student Employment New-Hire Paperwork

Select the new-hire tax packet based on the location of your permanent home address.

PLEASE NOTE: The government mandates that all employees provide documentation to prove identity and eligibility for employment. No photocopies or photographs will be accepted. Please review the list of I-9 acceptable documents that you must present when turning in your tax packet to Human Resources. Employees may not begin their employment until these have been presented and a completed I-9 form is on file.

Domestic students (U.S. citizens)

U.S. citizens with a permanent home address in Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, or Wisconsin.

All other U.S. citizens with a permanent home address not in one of the 5 states listed above.

International students

If you do not have a social security number, you must apply for one before you can begin working. For more information please contact the International Admissions Team.

Calvin does not offer Individual Tax Treaties to International students, however, students eligible for tax treaty benefits may receive their treaty benefit when filing a 1040-NR at the end of the tax year.

More information in regards to payment to Foreign Nationals.

Individual Payroll forms

Hourly employees (includes students): Forms are due by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the pay week. Any forms that are submitted after this time will be entered for the next available payroll.

Salaried employees: Forms must be submitted one week prior to the pay date to be processed for that payroll. Any forms that are submitted less than one week prior to the payroll will be entered for the next payroll.

Payroll reduction forms regarding employee benefits may be found at Human Resources Benefits & Compensation SharePoint Site.