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The Calvin Ecosystem Preserve & Native Gardens (CEPNG) preserves and restores 10 distinct natural community types as defined by the Michigan Natural Features Inventory (see map with links to story maps describing each natural community type).

The staff of CEPNG are dedicated to protecting and caring for these natural communities through hands-on restoration (i.e. invasive plant removal, prescribed burning, native plant propagation, etc.), ecological monitoring, environmental education, and community engagement. The Ecosystem Preserve, created on Calvin University’s campus in 1985, is composed of 104 acres and includes a diversity of habitats on a glaciated terrain, including mature deciduous forest, early successional forest, vernal pools, wetlands and constructed prairie and dune habitats. Of this land, 44 acres are open to the public and 60 acres (the Buiten Wildlife Sanctuary) is maintained as a wildlife reserve and research area to which visitor access is restricted.

Browse and click on the map below to learn more about the natural communities in the Ecosystem Preserve and Native Gardens.

You can also click on a link below to view a specific natural community.


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