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Online Native Plant Sale SALE

We've got a SWEET deal going -- Sweet flag, Acorus americanus is $4 a pot now. Save $.75 on this semi-aquatic plant that gives off a sweet scent when broken.


Nature Camps

We're welcoming another group of 6 - 11 year olds to our Amazing Animals nature camp this week! Tom Tree, Katie Katydid, Isabelle Inchworm, and Alison Acorn will help campers focus on the furry, flying, swimming, slinking inhabitants of our Preserve and world. This week will be filled with lots of hands on experiences.

Our nature camps for ages 6 - 11 are full with waiting lists.

What's blooming?

We've got some new bloomers--Rattlesnake master, Queen of the prairie, and Cardinal flower-- joining our group from last week: Michigan lily, Blazing star, Compass plant, Purple coneflower, Gray-headed coneflower, and Ironwood. A handful of plants, such as Joe pye weed and Common boneset, acting a little shy but could bloom any day. Stop in and take a look. If you like what you see, check out our online native plant sale for availability.

On-going Events....

  • Tea in the Garden with CALL: Mondays at 1 PM
  • Volunteer at the greenhouse: M, W, TH at 1:15 PM

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Volunteer with us -- join us for Stewardship and Greenhouse Workdays every week!


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