Leave of Absence

Basic information

Undergraduate students may be granted a leave of absence from the university. Graduates students can request a Hiatus, as described below.

For undergraduate students, a leave of absence may be requested for one academic term. Applications for leave of absence are considered for exceptional circumstances, and if the student does not plan to be a full time student at a different university during the specified term. Exceptional circumstances that generally merit consideration include: medical need(s), compassionate reasons affecting immediate family, reserve military service training, participation in an off-campus program that is not endorsed or approved by Calvin University, or if course(s) needed for graduation will not be offered until a future term. Students requesting a leave for health related reasons can initiate the process on the Health Leave of Absence & Return Policy.

Graduate students may request an official hiatus for up to one calendar year by filling out a Request for Hiatus form and submitting it for processing. An approved hiatus will eliminate re-application paperwork upon return and will maintain student accounts. An approved hiatus will not maintain status as an active or enrolled student. If hiatus lasts more than one calendar year, the student will be officially unenrolled and will lose student status and therefore, program declaration and student IT accounts. Students who are not enrolled for a semester and do not request hiatus status will be considered inactive and will lose tech access.

Graduate students who did not request hiatus status or whose hiatus status has lapsed can be readmitted by completing a quick readmission application.

Quick steps

WorkdaySearch for “request leave of absence” → Enter leave start date (today’s date) and expected return date → OKReview courses that will be dropped → Click Confirm checkbox → Submit

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