Christian Civic Participation

" 'The Conscience of the State': Religion's Role as an Independent Check on Government" (2018 lecture)

Religion and Politics in America: Faith, Culture, and Strategic Choices (2018)

Isolation and the Prospects for Democracy” (2018 article)

“Are Principles Enough? Virtues in Public Policy” (2018 article)

“Educating the Political Disciple” (2018 article)

"Awaiting the King; The Politics of Hope in an Age of Fear" (2017 lecture)

"Before the End of Time: Religion and Politics in This Messy, Broken Age" (2017 lecture)

“Liberal Democracy Has ‘Trust Issues’ ” (2017 article)

Challenges for the Next President Series--Faithful Fact Checking (2016) 

Civic Education

Strengthening Civic Engagement in Christian Schools (2019 grant announcement)

“Citizens Aren’t Just Born. They’re Formed” (2019 article)

“Educating the Good Citizen” (2013 article)

Civic Role of Faith-Based Schools

The Real Impact of Faith-based Education on Civic Outcomes

"Religion, Volunteering, and Educational setting: The effect of youth schooling type on civic engagement" (2013 article)

Criminal Justice Reform

Reducing Recidivism/Returning Citizen Project)

Path to Justice event (Fall 2019)

Henry Institute Newsletter including several articles on criminal justice reform projects (Summer 2019)

“What Could a Map Have to do with Restorative Justice?” (2019 article)

Challenges for the Next President Series--Criminal Justice Reform (2016)

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Challenges for the Next President Series--The Economy (2016)

“Reviving Citizenship in the New Gilded Age” (2015 article)

Economic Growth, the Rule of Law, and the Image of God" (2014 Lecture)

The Environment

The Politics of Water Project

Challenges for the Next President Series--The Environment (2016)

“Wake-up Christians: The Flint water crisis is an issue of public justice” (2016 article)

“The Flint Water Crisis” (2016 audio)

 ”A Christian Voice in Water Politics” (2016 article)

Faith and Voting

Protestant Clergy and Public Life Project

"Faith and the Democratic Party" (2017 lecture)

“Why Loving Our Neighbors Includes Voting Down Ballot” (2016 article)

“Looking at the Election Through Polarized Lenses” (2016 article)

Mediating Religion and Government (2014 publication)

Religion and Politics in America (2013 publication)

Should We Care About a Candidate’s Religion?” (2012 article)

Faith-Based Social Services

Faith-Based Social Services and the American Social Safety Net

Faith, Hope, and Jobs: Welfare-to-Work in Los Angeles (2006 publication)

Foreign Policy

Populists or Internationalists? Evangelical Responses to Globalization Project

"Are International Institutions Dispensable?" (2017 lecture)

Challenges for the Next President Series--Foreign Policy (2016)

The Church and Religious Persecution (2015 publication)


"Muslim Immigration, Christian Fear, and the Future of Democracy" (2018 lecture)

Challenges for the Next President Series--Immigration (2016)

Religion and School Choice

Religion and School Choice

School Choice Policy and Private School Enrollment Project

"Looking Within or Reaching Out?: The Effects of Religion on Private School Enrollments in an Era of School Choice" (2018 article)

“Pluralism, Education Policy, and the Reality of Unintended Consequences” (2014 article)

Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom for Faith-Based Organizations Project

Faith-Based Social Services and Religious Freedom

"Confident Pluralism: Surviving and Thriving Through Deep Differences" (2018 lecture)

The Challenges of Pluralism: Church and State in Six Democracies (2017 publication)

Challenges for the Next President Series--Religious Freedom (2016)

Free to Serve: Protecting the Religious Freedom of Faith-Based Organizations (2015 publication)

"The Church's Witness and the Church's Freedom" (2014 lecture)