The best start to your college experience is good high school preparation. Calvin's recommendations and requirements can help you plan your high school schedule.

Subject Recommended High School Program Required for Admission
English 4 years 3 years
Math 4 years 3 years (college prep)
Natural Sciences 2 years, including lab experience 2-4 years, including lab
Social Sciences 3 years 2-3 years
Foreign Language 3 years none
Electives 3 years (university prep courses, keyboarding) none

You can use this course planning chart to help you plan your high school curriculum.

While accelerated courses such as Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate are not required for entrance to college/university, they are good options for ambitious, talented students and may translate into credit. You do not have to take advanced level courses in all subjects. It is best to stretch yourself in those fields where you are strong and have serious interest.