The Service-Learning Center offers a number of unique programs throughout the school year. Most students begin integration in service-learning on the first day of their first-year orientation with a program called StreetFest. Students can continue to explore service-learning opportunities throughout their time at Calvin and beyond. 


  • Students participate in ABSL

    Academically-based service-learning
    • Faculty members in almost every department at Calvin University integrate Academically-Based Service-Learning (ABSL) with the content of courses.
  • ISL

    International service-learning
    • ISL opportunities develop distinctly in the context of each country and program goals, ranging from course-related ABSL, ethnographic study or a career-related practicum. Students serve, learn, and conduct research at a variety of community placements.
  • Students at Streetfest

    • StreetFest is a service-learning opportunity that occurs during our first-year student orientation program. During StreetFest, we explore our call of doing God’s work in God’s world by joining local community organizations in their work.
  • Special Olympics at the track

    Special Olympics
    • Every year Calvin hosts the Special Olympics Michigan Southwest Regional Spring Games. 350-400 athletes come to our campus and compete in various athletic competitions including track and field and swimming. The winners from these games will go on to compete in the state championship.