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Lauren Horras

Lauren Horras

Calvin University Title IX Coordinator Director of Safer Spaces
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What is a Safer Spaces Report?

Calvin University has established the safer spaces policies and procedures to address reports of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Prohibited conduct is listed in the Safer Spaces policy.

A Safer Spaces report means alerting the university to an incident. A complaint means a formal request for an evidence-based investigation resolution process. You may report an incident to the university with or without a formal complaint.

What can I expect if I make a report?

When you submit a report that includes your contact information, someone from the safer spaces team will reach out to you by email to acknowledge your report and invite you to a meeting. In the meeting, the team member will listen to you, offer support resources, share options for pursuing a formal report, and answer your questions.

You can access support resources and assistance without committing to an investigation.

You can learn more about the safer spaces process in our VAWA Brochure.

What information should I include in a report?

  • Who is making the report (include report date/time)?
  • Name of impacted party
  • Name/identifying information of the responsible party
  • Date/Time (best estimate) of incident
  • Location of incident
  • Type of the offense (Sexual or Racial Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation, Assault)
  • Summary description of incident
  • Any witnesses or students with knowledge of the incident

Describe how impacted party is doing now:

  • Do they have ongoing safety concerns or support needs?
  • Do they seem open to meeting with a Safer Space team member to explore support and options?

Other Reporting Options

Anonymous reporting:

Call Calvin’s 24 hour reporting hotline (616) 526-4974

Campus Safety:

Call Campus Safety Emergency number (616) 526-3333

Talk to a trusted faculty or staff member:

Calvin’s faculty and staff members go beyond the classroom and workplace in welcoming and supporting students. If you have experienced sexual assault, harassment, discrimination or retaliation, they can provide a supportive place to talk about it. If you disclose a safer spaces incident to a Calvin employee (faculty or staff), they will notify the Title IX Coordinator.

Walk-in Hours at the Student Life Office (SC 364):

Please feel free to stop by the Student Life office (SC 364) Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm and ask to talk with a safer spaces team member

Email Safer Spaces:

Email to request an appointment with a Safer Spaces Team member.