Calvin ID Card Information and FAQ

  • How do I get an ID Card?

    Each student, upon arrival to Calvin, is issued a free picture ID Card. Photos are taken during Passport and cards are issued during check in into your residence hall

  • How do I replace my ID Card?

    Lost ID cards can be replaced in the Student Life Office (Spoelhof Center 364). The replacement fee for a lost ID is $25; $10 will be returned if your ID is found and returned within ten business days.

  • Broken or Non-functioning Cards

    Broken or non-functioning cards can be replaced for $5. Replacement cards are given for free if a year or more has passed since the last card's print date. You must have your card with you for replacement. (This does not apply for lost cards– all lost card replacements are $25.00). Cards are not alterable or transferable to other students, and attempts to do so could result in a fine of up to $50.