Calvin’s newest residence hall wing, van Reken Hall, is home to three distinct and intentional living-learning floors: Outdoor Recreation & Creation Care (exploring environmental sustainability and outdoor pursuits like backpacking, kayaking, skiing, rock-climbing, etc), Justice & Equity (engaging issues of identity, diversity, inclusion, and justice) and Honors Scholars (optional residential component of the Honors Scholars program).

Each floor is architecturally arranged to facilitate strong co-ed communities as well as to deepen the learning that happens there. Through learning events and community practices, students are invited to think and act more intentionally in relation to the theme of their particular floor.

These living-learning communities are open primarily to first- and second-year students, with resident assistants serving a floor community of up to 40 students. Faculty or staff mentors partner with each floor in an effort to help students foster deep learning. Space is limited and students are placed on the floor through an application process.

Application Process

New-to-Calvin incoming students should apply via their Housing Application on their New Student Portal from admissions.

Current Calvin students who wish to return to or join the floor should apply using the form below.

Priority is given to new students who apply by May 1, 2022 and current students returning to Calvin who apply before March 1, 2022.

Applications are now open for the 2022–23 school year!

Residence Hall Living-Learning Communities