Calvin faculty enjoy many opportunities for research funding from a variety of internal sources.

Current Awardees of CRFs and Sabbaticals

Internal funding resources

Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship (CCCS) Major Grants Program - early October
Calvin Center Working Group is composed of 8-15 participants, from a variety of academic disciplines or professional fields, who meet monthly for one year to discuss common readings and to explore from interdisciplinary perspectives a particular issue, problem, or topic. 
What is offered: Partial funding for rigorous interdisciplinary scholarship of a distinctively Christian nature on important theoretical or practical issues.
Who is Eligible: Calvin faculty as individuals or in self-selected groups of two or more, with other scholars as appropriate.
Program description and online application

Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship (CCCS) Small Grants Program - April 15
The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship is inaugurating a Small Grants program to encourage the initiation, continuation, and completion of scholarly projects related to the mission of the Center. These grants are in addition to the Major Grants and Working Group programs, which remain intact. Faculty are invited to apply for grants of up to $5000 in the following categories

Calvin Research Fellowships - October 2, 2023
Calvin Research Fellowships are intended to help faculty pursue projects of independent scholarship and to aid them in ongoing, continuing, independent research. 
What is offered: A reduction of faculty teaching load.
Who is Eligible: Faculty members with a record of solid scholarly or artistic achievement (or unusual promise of such achievement). 
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Calvin Sabbatical Leave Program - September 21, 2023 
All sabbatical proposals should be creative and/or scholarly, have a public benefit, and be a project of sufficient size and worth to merit a full semester's work.
What is offered: Leave of absence to engage in creative, scholarly, or professional activities of demonstrable worth to the applicant and the university.
Who is Eligible: Full-time faculty, rank of assistant professor or higher, with at least 6 years full-time service.
Sabbatical planning instructions
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Fund for the Scholarship of Engagement - Open 
Awards are granted for support expenses related to faculty research and community-based service projects. Faculty who form meaningful educational and/or academic partnerships with community organizations are eligible. 
What is offered: This program makes limited funding available for social science research projects. Generally, awards above $1,000 are not given; in rare cases an award slightly above that amount might be approved for an exceptionally important project.
Who is Eligible: The projects must be by social scientists, or employ research methods typical of scholars in the social sciences.
Program description and online application

application deadline - open - April 15 and September 15. Consult David Smith for proposals that cannot fall within this timeline.
Individual project proposals from faculty (with or without a student) are accepted. Funding requested can vary according to the proposal's needs. Proposals should include a clear focus on some aspect of Christian teaching and learning, given the Kuyers Institute's central concern with pedagogy. More information

Kuyers International Programs Fund - 3rd Monday in February
The purpose of this endowment fund is to facilitate the development of international programs at Calvin University. Specifically, this endowment allows Calvin to enhance existing international programs and launch new and creative international programs and initiatives. A major focus of such programs and initiatives should be on partnering with other educational institutions and with agencies of the Christian Reformed Church. These programs should benefit Calvin—its programs, students, and faculty—as well as institutions abroad.
Who is Eligible: All faculty.
Program description and online application

McGregor Summer Research Fellowship Program - early-February
McGregor Fellowships have been established to support summer research by students working with faculty partners in the arts, humanities, and the social sciences. Funding is available for both the student and the faculty mentor. 
What is offered: Faculty may receive a stipend and the assistance of an undergraduate Fellow for a summer research project in the humanities and social sciences.
Who is Eligible: Full-time faculty in the humanities and or social sciences.
Program description and online application

The Mellema Program - April
The Mellema Program provides grants for research and course development by faculty in departments such as History, Literature, Religion, and Geology. The Mellema Program also funds and hosts annual lectures, purchases library materials, and sponsors cultural events such as concerts, film series, readings by writers, and dance recitals. 
Who is Eligible: All faculty.
Program description and online application

Nagel Fellowships - November 15
These grants exist to support scholarly work that addresses at least one of the major aims of the Nagel Institute. Scholarly aims of the Nagel Institute, include conducting a study of some aspect of world Christianity, partnering with Christian scholars and study centers in the global south or east on a project of Christian scholarship, or turning the attention and commitments of northern Christian scholars toward the priorities of Christianity in the global south and east.
What is offered: Research awards between $2,000 and $6,000 to support faculty scholarship pertaining to the study of world Christianity.  
Who is Eligible: Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary tenure-track and term-appointed faculty.
Program description and online application

Science Division Summer Student Research Fellowships - early February
Calvin's Science Division offers student/faculty summer research fellowships for scientific research. Funds from a variety of sources support enhancing and expanding inquiry-based learning opportunities for undergraduate students in the sciences. 
Application Deadline: Faculty applications are due in early February. Once all faculty projects are collected, students apply to work on the proposed faculty projects. 
What is offered: Stipend for faculty supervision undergraduate summer research in the sciences 
Who is Eligible: Full-time faculty in the sciences
Program description and online application

Supplemental Travel Fund - Open
The Office of the Dean for Research and Scholarship administers a reserve travel fund for the purpose of assisting those faculty members who are engaged to speak at important professional meetings and whose departmental travel budgets are insufficient to cover the cost. 
What is offered: All faculty are eligible for one travel grant of up to $1,500 per academic year.
Who is Eligible: Funding is presently restricted to faculty participating (speaking or presenting) in the program; funding is not available to attend an event if you are not participating. Priority is also given to faculty participating in international programs over (in descending order) national meetings, regional meetings, state meetings, or local meetings of a professional nature
Program description and online application

Teaching & Learning Network Grants - Sept. 1, Feb. 15, May 1
Small grants are offered to improve teaching and learning at Calvin University. 
What is offered:The maximum award is $1000.00.
Who is Eligible: Applications are accepted from a department, several faculty together, or an individual faculty member.
Online application

Vital Worship Grants Program - October 1
Calvin faculty across the disciplines have a unique role to play in strengthening and nurturing the life of Christian worshiping communities. Faculty should consider applying for a Vital Worship Teacher-Scholar Grant through the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. This stream of grants supports teacher-scholars as they do scholarly research that shows promise to serve worshiping communities by strengthening Christian public worship practices. See program description and access online application.