There are a few ways faculty, staff, and students can send their print jobs to PaperCut and release their print jobs at any printer on campus:

1. The easiest and most reliable way to print is via WebPrint. You can use it to print from a computer or device. To use WebPrint, you must be connected to the Calvin network. If you are on-campus, connect to the 'eduroam' wifi network, or with a cable connected to a network port. If you are off-campus, connect to the Calvin network through Calvin's VPN, called Global Protect (instructions here). Login to WebPrint here. It will prompt you to select a printer queue, the # of copies to print, and locate & upload your document. Then go to the printing device you chose (MFD/photocopier or LSR/laser printer) and swipe your ID card to release your prints. Use this help article for more detailed instructions. Your print job will remain in the PaperCut queue for 48 hours before it is automatically deleted.

2. You can print directly to PaperCut from any Calvin computer. Faculty and staff can print from within any application by selecting the PaperCut-LSR or PaperCut-MFD. Students can login to a Calvin lab computer or other public station and print to PaperCut from any application. Use this help article for more detailed instructions.

3. You can print using a mobile device and PaperCut MobilityPrint. Use this help article for more detailed instructions and screen shots.

Consider using Printing Services for your high volume or customized printing needs. Printing Services is available to assist with your project and offers competitive pricing.