Submission of Time Cards for Hourly Employees

All hourly employees and their supervisors submit records of time worked, using web-time entry which may be accessed on the student or faculty/staff resources page. 

All time submissions must be complete and accurate: 

  • Time should be entered on a regular basis - accruing with each shift worked.
  • Time recorded as worked must equal actual time worked. 
  • Time entries must have both employee and supervisor approval. 
  • Time worked (not including paid time off) over 40 hours in one week is paid as overtime. 
  • Time off (sick, funeral, jury duty and vacation) must be clearly noted. 
  • Premium pay (overtime, holiday time worked and on-call time) must be clearly recorded. 
  • Chapel break and Healthy Habits lunch extensions may be recorded as time worked.

Employees must complete and electronically sign off on their time entries by 12:00 noon on the Monday following the end of each pay period.

Supervisors must review their employees' time submissions carefully, correcting or adding time as-needed, and must electronically sign off on their employees' time sheets by 12:00 midnight on the Monday following the current pay period.

Submitting time electronically is absolute best-practice.  If neither the employee nor their supervisor is able to enter time-worked for a given time period, they may obtain a correction time sheet from the payroll office.  Correction time sheets must be filled out completely and clearly and should include the total hours for the pay period, as well as both employee and supervisor signatures. Correction time sheets must be received in the payroll office prior to 2:00 p.m. on the Monday preceding a Friday pay date in order to be included on the coming payroll.  Late time sheets will be included on the following payroll.  Correction time sheets should be used on a very exceptional basis.

For more information, Student Employees may review this Time Entry Tutorial.