1. All funds in all college accounts, regardless of source (tuition revenue, grant funds, designated gifts, external funds or restricted funds), are governed by the same college policies.
  2. Do not buy gift cards or gift certificates. Auditors treat these as cash items and they need to be added to personal income. The tracking process is cumbersome, so the College determined gift cards should not generally be purchased. In rare instances, gift certificates may be used for random drawing prizes or an anonymous survey reward. A small gift is acceptable or an honorarium.
  3. Don't pay sales tax! On the back of your credit card is a tax-exempt number to show the sales clerk when making retail purchases. It is easier to take the time to make a tax-exempt purchase than to seek a credit from a vendor after the purchase.
  4. Always go through Calvin Travel Services for airline reservations and be sure to attach all travel receipts (including airfare itinerary) to your statement.
  5. Always go through CIT for computer hardware and software purchases. Don't order online unless CIT directs you there. This is important for technology and network compatibility, insurance purposes and avoiding sales tax.
  6. Always go through the Campus Store to order books and textbooks before purchasing online.
  7. Do not dine off-campus using college funds unless there is a clear business purpose for doing so. “Departmental meeting” is not a sufficient business purpose.
  8. If you dine at a fine dining establishment, you will likely exceed the maximum amount recommended by the college for off-campus dining and may be asked to reimburse the difference. Here are the local maximums: Breakfast: $6.00; Lunch: $0.00; Dinner: $25.00. If traveling please use the GSA Domestic Per Diem Rates for meals costs.
  9. Calvin sends flowers when an employee is ill or experiences the death of a family member. If a department wants to celebrate a joyful occasion or express care in a sorrowful situation, the department should collect funds from each person willing to donate in the department.
  10. Do not charge personal items on your Calvin Credit Card. If a personal charge is made please submit a reimbursement immediately.
  11. Keep tips at restaurants at 15% for groups of 1-5 and 18% for groups of 6 or more.
  12. Please use the Campus Store or Office Depot for all office supply purchases.