Cash and checks

By mail

Please note that we are unable to accept postdated checks. All checks, regardless of date, will be deposited upon receipt.

Send Payments to:

Calvin College Financial Services
3201 Burton St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Include the remittance slip with each payment or write the student ID# on the memo line of the check noting -41 for the miscellaneous statement or -01 for the tuition statement. The remittance slip is found at the top of each billing statement.

Mail payments at least FIVE days prior to the due date.

In the event that a payment is received without a remittance slip or any indication of where the payment should be posted, the payment will be applied against the Tuition, Room and Board Statement first, and then to the Statement of Miscel­laneous Charges.

In Person/Drop Box

Payments can be made in person with either cash or check at the teller window in our office during business hours.

  • There is a drop box available for after-hour cash or check payments. Please place in a sealed envelope with the student’s name and student’s ID#.

International Payment Center

International students can pay their tuition, room and board, school fees and enrollment deposits, generally in their local currency, securely from any country and any bank through Flywire. The student’s payment will be received and posted by Calvin College directly to the student’s account in U.S. dollars.

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Student Tuition Payroll Deduction Form

A student of Calvin College has the opportunity to have their earnings paid directly to their tuition account. Fill out the Student Tuition Payroll Deduction Form and return it to the Payroll Office.

Credit cards

Payment by credit card is not accepted.

Tuition gift certificates

Calvin tuition gift certificates allow you to "pre-pay" tuition (all or some) at today’s price for a future Calvin student. A Calvin tuition gift certificate is the record of "tuition units" purchased by someone (a parent, grandparent, friend or the student themself) on behalf of a specified future Calvin student.

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