How do I request a space for my event?

Once you have logged into the online reservation system choose “Create a Reservation” on the left hand side to begin your reservation request. You can also choose “Browse Locations” on the left to search availability in specific area. Step-by-step instructions:

How will I know when my event has been confirmed?

Your event request will be sent directly to the event services team. They will review your request and its specifications and get back to you within the next two business days with a confirmation or to discuss specifics. A space is officially reserved when you receive a confirmation email. If you want to request a space for an event that is less than two days away, please call or email us directly to make a reservation.

If the space I’m interested in appears to be available, can I use it without reserving it?

No. Calvin University facilities can only be used when reserved in advance through event services.

Can I see what events are taking place in the space I would like to reserve?

Due to privacy concerns, reservations are not labeled. Any events that are open to the public will appear on the Calvin Web calendar.

How do I add my event to the Calvin Web calendar?

During the event reservation process you will be able to choose from a drop-down menu whether you would like your event on the campus calendar. If you choose “Yes” you are required to include a description of the event and/or a web-link for the event information. See the calendar guidelines for more information about which events are eligible for inclusion on the calendar.

Will my event show up on the Calvin Web calendar immediately?

If your event is eligible for the Web calendar, it will appear within 24 hours of confirmation by the event services team. If your event still does not appear after 24 hours, please contact event services.

What if I’m not sure what the attendance for my event will be?

This is not a necessary item for your reservation—however, if you do have an idea of the expected attendance, this information will help event services find the best space for your event.

What resources are available for my event?

Resources available are catering (food service), building (room setup) and audio (technical needs). You can enter any resource needs in the appropriate location during the event registration process.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please email any questions to or call event services at (616) 526-6280. We’re here to help!