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We received notice from Phillips of an issue with the adhesive pads for the AEDs that we currently use on campus. There have been problems with the adhesive on the pads peeling off from the foam and causing the pads to be less effective when used to deliver a shock with the defibrillator. Please be aware this could be an issue if you have to use an AED. The Philips letter goes into full details of the issue and what you should do if you encounter the issue with any of our AED pads. Specific instructions are highlighted in yellow in the letter, and state the following:

Continue using the HS1/OnSite/Home AED and pads as is. During use, ensure the majority of the pad surface is covered with gel and apply the pads to the patient. If you notice the gel beginning to separate from the foam backing as you peel, try to prevent the gel from folding onto itself if possible. Do not hesitate to apply the pads to the patient unless the gel has almost completely separated from the backing as in Figure 3. In case of trouble, install spare pads if available and continue the rescue. No matter the state of the pads, follow the voice prompts because the AED will step you through the necessary actions.

Do not try to examine the pads gel prior to patient use. It is not possible to know if your pads are affected by the problem prior to use because the pads are protected by a foil seal. The foil seal on the pads cartridge should be opened only for patient use in an emergency because the pads will quickly dry out if the foil seal is broken.”

Philips has created a webpage that provides many of the answers to the most common questions related to this issue, as well as information on recommended actions. You can find it here: www.philips.com/pads-notice

Replacement pads are not available from the manufacturer at this time. EHS will continue to stay in contact with our distributor and exchange the current pads with replacements when they become available. If you have any questions about the AED pads of the letter, please contact Jennifer Ambrose.